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The Grand Hotel Olimpo is the 4-star hotel in Alberobello, ideal as a basis for discovering the territory of the province of Bari and the Murge, the chalk high plains protected by the Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia, studded with medieval hamlets and fortified cities immersed in a splendid landscape.

These are some of the most beautiful and famous places to visit in a hotel stay at Alberobello, the Grand Hotel Olimpo.

The Grand Hotel Olimpo is near:
Alberobello, 0 km
Locorotondo, 9 km
Putignano, 15 km
Martina Franca, 16 km
Zoo Safari di Fasano, 20 km
Grotte di Castellana, 17 km
Polignano a Mare, 32 km
Città Bianca di Ostuni, 33 km
Sassi di Matera, 58 km

Alberobello hotel

Grotte di Castellana

Alberobello hotelsA stupendous spectacle made up of natural cavities, the largest known complex in Italy.

Stalactites and stalagmites form a unique landscape of forms and colors to admire among Grotta Bianca, Caverna dell’Altare, Caverna della Cupola and Passaggio del Presepio.

Polignano a Mare

An absolute must for a visit, with the spectacle of the central streets and the magnificent panorama seen from cliffs looming over the blue sea.

There are enchanting beaches for spending pleasant days by the sea, including Lido di San Giovanni and Cala Paura.


Alberobello hotelsAn ancient village of the Altipiano della Murgia, dominating from a height of 410 meters the countryside covered with trulli and olive groves.

It owes its name to the original circular shape around the Chiesa Madre with lanes and alleyways facing the white houses of the village.


Beautiful, on the sea, at only 20 minutes by car from the Grand Hotel Olimpo, it welcomes you to a lovely historic center of lanes, white houses and evidence of the Normans, Byzantines, Swabians and Venetians.

Don't miss the Castello di Carlo V, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria della Madia and the enchanting beaches marked with the European Bandiera Blu (blue flag) for the quality of the sea and the services offered.


Alberobello hotelCalled the Città bianca for the color of the houses painted in dazzling whitewash, Ostuni is of extremely ancient origins, and preserves among the narrow streets of the center, in the Cathedral and in the Museum of preclassic civilization, the heritage and fascination of a prestigious past.

Not to be missed, between August 25 and 27 of every year, the Festa di Sant'Oronzo and the Cavalcata di Sant'Oronzo, the traditional historic medieval pageant.


With its characteristic elliptical historic center, the beautiful Palazzo of the Balì, the Sedile and the Chiesa di Santa Maria the Greca, Putignano is famous above all for the fantastico Carnevale that every year hosts a parade of magnificent allegorical floats.

The tradition of the carnival of Putignano dates back to 1394 and as now begins the December 26 with the characteristic Propaggine (declamation of satirical verses by Putignano directed to well-known personalities) to end on Mardi Gras with the great parade of floats.

Zoo Safari and Fasanolandia

Alberobello hotelThe Zoosafari and the amusement park Fasanolandia offer nature and for young and old. The Zoosafari is the largest in Italia and one of the largest of Europe, with 140 hectares that host 1700 animals of 200 various species (itineraries with their own car and on foot).

Fasanolandia is an amusement park with major attractions, spectacle, botanical plants, Puglia in miniature and other attractions.

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